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The Sexiest Tattoo Designs In Port Orange, FL

July 25, 2016

The right tattoo on a beautiful girl can be the most attractive thing in the world. Tattoos, those ubiquitous permanent accessories, are hard to ignore and when a tattoo is a masterpiece, it can redefine cool especially if it's the perfect design on the perfect spot. Here are the hottest and most popular tattoo designs in Port Orange, FL:

Fairy + Ankle = Sexy Tattoo

Sexy Tattoos in Port Orange Legs get plenty of attention but did you know that ankles can be sexy, too? If the tattoo design is unique, intricate or delicate, such as a fairy image, it can project a certain kind of playfulness. A tattoo image of an otherworldly being - so graceful and pretty, the very essence of mystery and magic - can be quite flirty and enticing.

Make It Better: Ask the tattoo artist to work on the curves, shape and contours of your ankle area to allow the design to pop out. At Port Orange, FL, professional tattoo artists can help you choose an image and work with you to bring out the best in the final result.

Angel Got Your Back Tattoo

Angels are the epitome of power and protection and as messengers from above, they hold people in awe with their eternal wings and divine gazes. You could be one of these angels and have a pair of beautiful wings inked on your back or choose an image of an angel that best represents your personality. Forget the cherubs and the baby angels - they are best viewed on postcards and nursery walls. Go for the bold, beautiful and exotic angel with the take-charge demeanor and a kick-ass costume.

Make It Better: If you prefer, try a 'dark angel' design for a deeper, more mysterious look. Dark angels appear sexier because they represent a sexy mix of good and evil - you know, the good girl gone bad.

Dragon Tattoos for Dangerous Divas in Port Orange, FL

Dragons are a symbol of fire, power and good luck, especially in Asia. In the West, they are dangerous creatures, the kind that no one trifles with. They are wild and independent but once tamed, they can be your most powerful weapon. In Port Orange, FL, dragons are a popular choice for these reasons.

Make It Better: Dragons are a potent mix of danger and beauty, so ask your Port Orange, FL tattoo artist to help you choose the perfect design to match the look you want. Location is also key, particularly if you want to go big and bold.

Tigers Tattoos: Bold and Burning Bright

Tigers have been symbols of power, might and danger for as long as anyone can remember. They are amazing creatures of grace and beauty. They are also quite recognizable even if you choose to have only the stripes, a head or a paw tattooed on your skin.

Make It Better: Why not go full throttle and get the full bodied beast tattooed on your back for protection? A mighty beast of prey should not be taken lightly, so why not honor it by giving it full access to your back? If you want a sexy tattoo, don't hold back.

Another Tongue, Not Just Another Tattoo in Port Orange, FL

A word, an idea or a sentiment in another language can make a statement like no other. Words such as "beautiful", "brilliant", "dreamer", or "angel" written in a foreign script such as Japanese, Chinese or Tibetan can create an air of mystery and uncommon allure especially when used in a tattoo.

Make It Better: Work with your Port Orange, FL tattoo artist to find the best symbol that will speak for you, one that is the very embodiment of your personality.

Women like to be bold, sleek, sexy and beautiful. While clothes and jewelry can do a few good things, nothing can bring the impact that a well-chosen and well-placed tattoo can deliver.

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